Cherry Zin No Zin Grapes but a GREAT Taste!


By Mike Carraway


When we bottled it, it didn't taste very good - I have to be honest. I thought it was just another failure.

WRONG! 7 months in the bottle makes a HUGE difference.

So, without further adeaux....

Here is my recipe for what I call "Cherry ZIN" (you WILL NOT find this anywhere else):

This recipe is for 5 Gallons


5 cans Blackberrys(from the store)
5 cans Cherrys(pitted - from store)
5 Cans Blueberrys (from the store)
13 cans Frozen Grape Concentrate
1 box Sunmaid Raisans
2 tablespoons black peppercorns
1 tablespoon pectin enzyme
6 ounces med. toast oak chips
1 teaspoon yeast nutrient


Process raisans, blackberries, cherries, blueberries in food processor.

Put in a large pot and add the peppercorns, yeast nutrient, pectic enzyme, and wood chips.

Add 2 cups water. Bring to a low boil and then turn off stove. Let the mixture cool to 85 degrees.

Strain the mixture into your primary fermenter.

Add your 13 cans of grape juice concentrate. Add 1 gallon of warm water.

Check SG. Add Sugar water to bring SG to 1.1. Top off with water/sugar-water. Stir vigorously. Add 4 crushed/powdered Campden tablets and let sit overnight.

Pitch your yeast and continue from here as usual.

Once you bottle this stuff (in about a month and a half), leave it in the bottle for at least 7 or 8 months.

It tastes like crap until then - I KNOW.

This wine has a wonderful aroma. It has a multilayered flavor that you will absolutely love.

My wife said it was the best homemade stuff EVER. See what your spouse or significant other says.

Your Wine Buddy,

Your 21st Century Winemaking Coach
(everyone, even Tiger Woods, needs a coach)


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