Jul 22 2012

Your Free “Winemaker’s Formula” video…

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Although there is a lot involved in making your own wine, it can really be boiled down into 5 easy parts. This video covers the 5 steps and hopefully gives you a blueprint:

If you have questions – PLEASE post them below. I will answer all that I can in an upcoming video. If you thought this was good stuff – share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter! (just click the share button below)

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  • Rrgutzky

    I am just getting ready to bottle a 'kit' wine. The instructions say that 'This wine is very acceptable at bottling tim (28 days) and will sustain the quality seen at bottling if stored in a consistently dark and cool place with the bottles oriented on their sides up to six months.”

    Does this mean it may go bad after 6 months? It also says that if aging longer than 6 months add 1/4 tsp. Potassium Metabisulphite before bottling. a 1/4 tsp is adequate for 6 gallons? sounds odd to me. Thansk, R Gutzky

    • http://homemade-wine-making-guide.com Chrys929

      Is it a fruit wine kit? If so they have a shorter life span. They are OK I find for up to a year or so. Then they get a little funky. Go ahead and add the metabisulfite, it just keeps the wine from re-fermenting and oxidizing too quickly. Most measurements are given in per gallon increments.


      • Rrgutzky

        Thanks for the tip. It is a grape concentrate; its supposed to mimic a Bordeaux Red. So if its saying a 1/4 tsp it really means 1.5 tsps? (Its a 6 gallon batch)

        • Homemadewinemakingguide

          yes that would do it.

  • Joe Sears

    I have made a blackberry wine it has cleared for 3 months now, I have added everything I was suppose to and even added some blackberry flavoring.
    But it has a little bit of a sharp,or metalic finish to it … it does seem to be getting better not as sharp.

  • Rrgutzky

    Hey Mike, I am doing an acid test on a batch of red wine and I read in the instructions that I should dilute the wine to a blush color to test it. Will this not dilute the acid content as well? How do I compensate for the 5cc of water I put in to dilute it?

  • Paul Thatcher

    love the video i make mine wine out of fruit juices been making it for 5 years + have round about 60 bottles stored so i have decided to try different methods so it is great to see how others do it and to get some tips

  • Mford53

    I should have viewed this video before I started batching my wine. I followed the “kits” instructions to the letter (winexpert). There was no instruction on whether to use an airlock with the primary fermentor or not..so I didn't. The SG after 6 days was .960 it started at 1.048. I'm guessing there wasn't an issue with not using the airlock during PF. My question is this will I have taste problems because I didn't use an airlock during PF?

  • Gingercreek

    Hi there, thank you very much for your generosity. I am wondering if i used fruit for a dessert wine would this process be the same?

  • Rma7147

    making wine from sqeezed grapes(grape juice) chanti is it the same as in your format for making wine with other juice's do i still have to add yeast;compden tablets &stabilezer;s&how much yeast &what is stablizer;s &how much

  • Mmrobertsondbn

    Your video was vary helpful overview. Thanks for sending it.

  • Grecher

    I would like to know how to ajust the acid in my wine. I made a batch of Grenache red wine It currently has a acid reading of 0.3 should I use tarteric acid or a acid blend too bring it up to 0.6?

  • Bruce Morton

    this is my first time trying to make wine. My wife and i love sweet muscadine wine, and we had a good crop this year. One of our friends has been making it for years and im trying it. So now ive got 5 gallons on mashed muscadimes and 5 lbs of sugar in churn, and its working. My question is i cant find anything on the internet about doing it like this, Have i messed up the whole thing or can it be saved? in advance thank you B Morton

  • Trevor prince

    Hi i like this

  • Dpoulette

    New hobby…I am curious…If i make a raisin musk and add extra sugar…after it is done fermenting, can I add more yeast to get a higher alcohol content…Please let me know at dpoulette@shaw.ca

  • Paulistrate

    Dear Mike,
    Please, how are the quantities of sugar and lemon to be inverted for 10 gallons.?
    …and what does ''racking wine'' mean?

    Best regards, Paul.

  • Tammy

    I want to try my hand at making grape wine from concentrate in a 5 gallon batch, do you have a recipe you could share? I have all the equipment, just need a recipe, or can I just multiply the recipe for one gallon?

  • Mendonca Diana

    thanks for the video i just wanted to ask u inspite of all the ingredients put correctly my wine has turned a little sour i have made ginger wine

  • M Dickens

    I have been useing screw tope bottles rather than corks ,is this ok?

  • Jim

    Thank you for the clarifications in your video, very informative.
    Looking forward to your next one.


  • Barbduke

    Mike, my first time and ready to start wine kit for 4 weeks. Do I just put cover on the fermentor and leave for a week after adding all required ingredients and yeast? Not sure about this part… :) also can u explain in detail the wine thief? I am trying to figure out an easy way to syphon when time comes..

  • Raymondsimth

    like your vido It just takes me a while to get all this information into my head . It is a slow thing with me . But am getting good info from your vidows Thanks Ray

  • Joe Santini

    Thanks Mike for the video tell you how my wine taste next year. was wondering if my wine will stand up to yours! just joking thanks for the time you put into helping others. Joe

  • Charles Link

    Approximately how many bunches of grapes will I need to make 5 gallons?

  • Hrd369

    Thank you Mike. I am only a home wine maker for own use. I am greatful to you.
    Once I try out, I will make my comments.
    Haridas Rao

  • ralph

    Thanks to your help, I have made several 1 gal. batches. Not all have been great, but aging makes such an amazing difference. My best was a blueberry wine from fresh fruit. Great flavor and such a great color and clarity. I gave a bottle to the people who gave us the fruit and they gave me back the empty bottle a day later. Thaks again.

  • Marlene

    is it ok to use the screw on caps—after the wine settles down===I dont have a corker

  • Peanniello

    Thankyou so much for the book and the video I'm currently in the fermentation process and things are going very well so far! Thanks again

  • Sam Mathew

    Hi Mike

    Thanks for the video and that was a lot of information. Just wanted to ask how should I keep a wine for fermentation, Some say 12 days others say 22 days.. Please let me know. Also please let me know for 1 Kg of black grapes what would be the measurements of the other ingredients such as water, sugar, yeast etc.


    Biju Sam Mathew

  • Leah

    I've been making homemade wine for my family and friends for awhile now just using plastic water jugs. (thats how I was taught) Everyone really enjoy the taste. Since Ive been looking for a more professional way to make it and I saw your website I purchased my 1st wine kit. Thanks so much for the video.

  • Iris

    I used to make wine a while back as I was looking for the holy grail of a perfect wine.  Sadly my wine though following all the rules never turned out as I would like. I have never really tasted very expensive wines but rather I have really enjoyed particular cheaper ones,  I tried to use a test kit to find the amount of sugar in the wines of my choice hoping to make mine turn out with exactly the amount of sweetness that I like.  Not too dry and definately not too sweet.
    Funnily enough the only wine I ever made that was great to my taste and also got raves from those luckily enough to be given a bottle, including one person who belonged to wine club and had tasted many a home made wine and declared it the best he'd tasted.  Well this wine was the first I ever made it was from a book called wine in 3 weeks.  You followed all the steps (quickly) and before bottling you added lactic acid from the chemist shop.  Apparently the reason you age was so lactic acid forms. I would love your comments on this.  Sadly I decided that as that one turned out great I would put more effort and time into it and make better wines but to no avail.  You have me thinking I should try again.

  • Rterrell4269

    thanks for the new vid. on the five steps. i have just one question and that is why does my wine always have a high alcohol content?

    • Mike

      you're tasting the acid – not the alcohol

  • Jwuts

    nice video  I have been trying different fruit for wines and even habiscous tea which actually made a nice wine.  I am wondering about a white substance floating on top of some of my fruit wine during the secondary fermentation process.  Could this be something dangerous ? I am hoping it will settle out during time. Thanks.

  • daniel dean

    Hey bro I'm just starting out this lil hobby. I have some plumbs going right now. Can u give me
    The easiest recipe for a good merlot taste. I don't have an air lock or any crazy
    Equipment yet just 5 gallon bucket, towells,spring water,yeast,and of course any fruit.
    Can u give me something I can work with here. It doesn't have to be merlot just something
    Good please. Thanks

  • Sallylunn52

    I liked your video very much and I look forward to more,I actually hope I haven't goofed this being my very first time ever .. I pressed the grapes through the nylon mesh bag and, I know I should have had it all together, but I couldn't find the hydrometer that I know I put some where safe, so I added the dissolved campden
    tablets and I have left it covered with some saran wrap until tomorrow when I can do an acid test & I will find out how much water I need to add. correct??? then I am going to put the solution into the carboy with the air locks correct?? if there is too much explaination I understand if you don't reply. I just have to ask the right questions to the right people. thanks sally

  • Delananewton

    This will be my first try.
    I am waiting for the concord grapes (organic).  It may be another wk or 2.
    I am planning on putting this video and any others you send in a folder.
    I've nothing to ask – I just feel way out of my league!
    Anyway – thanks again.

  • Delananewton

    This will be my first try.
    I am waiting for the concord grapes (organic).  It may be another wk or 2.
    I am planning on putting this video and any others you send in a folder.
    I've nothing to ask – I just feel way out of my league!
    Anyway – thanks again.

  • Harley-47


      I started a batch of strawberries,rubbarb.Once i transfer into my carboy have to leave it for three weeks. How do i transfer it again into the next carboy for the next three months?It still has a lot sendiment in,should i just syphon and try to strain pulp using cheese cloth? Not sure i to do this.

          Waiting to here from you,,,


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RRGQ7XRWPABM6BMFNWUOMY6WEA Don

    Hi mike,I cannot wait to get started.Ihave a supply catalog on the way.I will be studing all the great info thatyou have provided me.    Thanks again, Don

  • Crhowe

    Have you ever tried adding lime juice to a wine to come up with a wine like
    Budwiesre Lime beer?


  • Joan kroboth

    Love this video. I am a new beginger and this was very helpful.
    Joan   bkroboth@frontiernet.net

  • Tabone Alfio

    Hi Mike, 
      I am still looking for how one can control the TA and the pH in wine.I had a quote from Hanna instruments for a photometer to check tartaric acid in wine It was quite expensive.The way how I am trying to control the TA  by harvesting my grapes at 22- 24 Brix to have  mature grapes.The result of my finished wine is TA 3.3 and pH 3.8.I am quite happy with my wine but I would still like to experiment with the acidity.Can you suggest any methods which I can use.Looking forward for your reply.


  • Tom

    hi enjoyed your vidio have lernt a lot about wine making from you would love to subscribe to your club but I am a pentioner and just cannot aforde the out lay but thank you for the emails looking forwould to your next thank you

  • David

    I just started 5 gal of elderberry wine. After a week the fermentation appeared to slow or stop. I racked into a carboy and per the recipe added 5 lbs of sugar in warm water along with more yeast. At this time the airlock seems to be burping in a slow but constant manner. In one more week I’m supposed to add another 5 lbs of sugar, bringing the total to 15 lbs. my question is should I be concerned with the added yeast and as long as the gas appears to be rising ok in the liquid , will stirring and reracking be recommended? Thanks

  • Tricky

    After going from the Primary to the Secondary Fermentation Process, it doesn’t seem like the wine is working. I do not see any bubbles in Air Lock. Any suggestions?? Its been 1 week since going to Secondary. Thanks

    • Mike

      It gets a lot slower. But if you watch it there are still bubbles in the airlock

      • Tricky

        I don’t see any bubbles after watching for 5 minutes. Should I add more Sugar? Thanks again for you help

        • Mike

          check that temp is close to 77 degrees F, and give it a good healthy stir. How long was it in the primary?

          • Tricky

            8 Days

          • Mike

            what was the SG when you started?

          • Tricky


          • mikefirst1

            add a bit if sugar water

          • Tricky

            Thanks, I’ll try it